Cloud Based IEP management Application

SPED Advantage is a secure Special Education process management application, which includes customized forms, reporting, communication, and scheduling components to ensure your district is in compliance with federal and state regulations. 

  • Automatically populates student demographic information, dates, and disability categories on all forms.

  • Intuitive and requires minimal training

  • Alerts personnel of critical deadlines

  • Automates state reporting

  • Cloud based and accessible from any internet connect

  • Automated scheduling that syncs with Outlook and Google

  • Robust reporting system

  • Automated tasks and reminders

  • Customizable dashboard allow visibility to key compliance components

  • Access all students and records in one location

  • Emails, calls, and tasks visible on all student records

  • Critical dates visible on dashboards

  • Reminders automatically sent to case managers prior to IEP and evaluation dates

SPED Advantage is by far the easiest, most intuitive special education database I have ever used. Our teachers and service providers are comfortably using the program with just a few hours of initial training--even if those who are not particularly tech-savvy. However, the quality that really sets SPED Advantage apart from the competition is its extraordinary customer service. When we have a question or request, we always receive a prompt response by phone or email. We don't wait weeks and weeks for some distant tech support office to respond: the SPED Advantage team takes care of things quickly and thoroughly, allowing our staff to be much more efficient and productive. It has become an absolutely essential tool in my school district.

–M. Harris, Special Education Director.

What makes SPED Advantage Different


  • We recognize that a “One Size Fits All” approach does not work for most districts and state departments.

  • We work with the each customer to customize the application to fit the customer's specific processes and unique needs.

  • This philosophy in development naturally simplifies paperwork, reduces time in training, increases efficiency, and reduces costs.



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